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Pineapple healthy benefits, We Are Not Throwing the Pineapple Peels Any More. Reason..

 Pineapples are awesome! And they’re one of the few edible fruits of the Bromeliad family. This fruit is formed by many individual berries, merging together.

Pineapple – Health Benefits:

Ladies and gentlemen, first you should know that pineapple is extremely effective against water retention, bloating and cellulite. It’s rich in water (about 90%), potassium that eliminates the excess of water, iron, that creates red blood cells which are known to transport the oxygen throughout the whole body. You should also know that pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that improves the digestion and fights against the inflammatory processes of the organism. Another very important property of this enzyme is that it can fasten your metabolism.

This super-healthy and delicious fruit is a hypo-caloric fruit and 100 grams contain 40 calories. And the best way to consume it is when it’s fresh and ripe, as well as keep it in the fridge upside down, so that the sugar can melt in the whole fruit. When it’s fresh, its crust is yellowish-orange in color and without any spots. Its structure is hard and the leaves are green. Make sure you eat it right after you’ve cut it so it can preserve all the properties of vitamin C, which is important for the formation of collagen that improves the elasticity of your skin.


Pineapple – Health Properties:

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Pineapple is loaded with bromelain. The core of the fruit has the highest concentration of bromelain, but it is also located in whole fruit. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, bromelain is useful in treating sports injuries and for relieving pain.

  1. Anti-cancer properties

Bromelain, the powerful compound found in pineapple, has the potential to work as an agent to successfully fight cancer, show the latest studies. Pineapple works together with chemotherapy, in suppressing the cancer cell growth. Also, it contains beta-carotene, which protects from prostate and colon cancer.

  1. Benefits the heart

You should also know that Vitamin C protects against heart disease. Manu different studies, from Finland to China, show that vitamin C in high amounts decreases the risk of coronary heart disease.

  1. Cataract prevention

You should also know that Vitamin C has a very important role in vision protection. A higher intake of Vitamin C decreases the risk of cataracts, a recent study showed.

  1. Fertility

The experts say that pineapple is loaded with minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C, copper, beta carotene, folic acid and zinc. Many of these vitamins increase the fertility in women and men.

  1. Asthma

When you consume it, the beta carotene from the pineapple is converted to vitamin A. Several studies suggest that beta carotene can reduce the chance of exercise – induced asthma.

  1. Osteoarthritis

As we said, pineapple has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and some studies suggest that this fruit could be useful in treating osteoarthritis. And trust me – you’ll be amazed by the results.

Miraculous Pineapple Juice – RECIPE:

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Filtered water 1L
  • 1 whole pineapple with its shell
  • Sweetener for taste.


  • Here’s what you need to do – first, you need to wash the pineapple skin well. Peel the pineapple and separate the shell, removing the fruit and the crown.
  • Boil the shell with some pineapple pulp. Let it cool off and dilute it with a liter of water.
  • Note: you can add sweetener for better taste.
  • Strain the juice and consume it. Enjoy your delicious pineapple drink. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to click the share button at the end of the article. Thanks again and have a nice day!

Other Pineapple Facts

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