Tuesday, May 23

Inside look at Tesla’s Giga Factory

If you have not know Tesla’s Giga Factory, then here’s your opportunity to have a sneak peak at this mega structure.

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About half an hour drive from Reno, Nevada, more than a thousand workers are busy building a 3200 acres, battery manufacturing factory that is expected to be operational by 2020. This building, on its completion, will become the largest building in terms of its physical footprint. Yes, we are talking about Tesla’s Gigafactory, that will produce enough lithium ion batteries to propel Tesla’s electric cars into the spotlight for mass usage.

Tesla is of the view that the main obstacle in the acceptance of electric vehicle by customers are the expensive lithium batteries. So a plant that can significantly boost battery production, is expected to reduce their cost by more than 30%. Once the plant is fully operational, Tesla expects to produce more batteries at this one plant than were produced in all the factories in the entire world.

Credits: bbc.com

Credit: bbc.com

I think the Gigafactory has to be the most exciting factory in the world,” Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said of the project.

Currently at the Gigafactory, Tesla is just assembling the battery packs for storage products in homes and industries. The batteries are made in Japan, assembled at Gigafactory and then sent to Tesla’s Powerpack and Powerwall products.

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