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10 Century-Old Headlines For Outrageous Poker Stories

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9) Eggs Being Used For Poker Stake


The decade was called the Roaring Twenties, but according to this article in the Powder River County Examiner, pennies were a rare commodity around Billings, Montana, in 1921. The article says that the men of the town were adamant that their poker game couldnt die, no matter how broke they were. At that time, they needed this diversion more than ever.

So the men banded together to come up with a plan. The man who suggested the egg ante was labeled a genius because eggs appeared to be the most common commodity in town at the time. Even the articles subtitle, Farmers Of The Billings District Discover New Use For Hen Fruit, implies availability by using a pet name for eggs. According to the reporter, All of the members arose and called him blessed. The games went on.

Townsfolk were already accustomed to trading eggs for other kitchen staples, like flour and sugar, which made value easy to establish. The article went on to say, Nightly the farmers gathered with the eggs gathered for the day, and first one farmer and then the other would drive to town and cash in on his nights work.

Poker became the pit stop on the way to payday, rather than the other way around. Fortunately, there is no mention of anyone resorting to betting with live hens or scrambling an opponents chip stack.

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